UCR offers a series of mentoring programs to support first generation students.  

Mentoring Programs

Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM): One-on-one mentoring from successful alumni in your field of interest. Hosted by the Student Alumni Association and Alumni offices.

First Year Mentors: Peer mentoring for first-year students to help learn how to navigate the university. Offered via Student Life.

ORBITS - Obtain Resources Become Informed Target Success: Mentoring program for first generation students in their second year or third year (if a transfer). Hosted by the Career Center. 

Assistance, Coaching, and Encouragement (ACE): Mentoring and coaching for students with academic difficulty from the Academic Resource Center. 

Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program: Peer Mentoring via the Chicano Student Programs offices.

Health Professions Peer Mentoring: Peer Advising on health careers and degree programs via the Health Professions Advising Center. 

Become Mentors

UCR First Generation Initiatives is developing faculty and staff mentoring programs as well as seeking participants for our advisory committee and marketing campaigns. If you would like to serve as a faculty or staff mentor to a UCR student or would like to participate in one of our First Generation programs, please let us know!

first gen alumni
Other Peer - Mentoring programs on campus:

Asian Pacific Student Programs Peer Mentoring Program
Help students discover opportunities for personal, academic, and social connections to the Asian Pacific Islander community on campus.

Career Center Peers
Help UCR students take advantage of Career Center services, employer events, and job resources.

Give advice about alcohol, sexual health, sexual assault/violence, nutrition/fitness, eating disorders/body image, stress and sleep awareness, and mental health.

Graduate Mentorship Program
Help fellow graduate students find campus resources, support for academic success, and research opportunities.

International Peer Assistants (IPA) 
Help international students as they make connections at UCR and in the United States. 

Global Opportunities Abroad Leaders (GOAL) 
Help students discover international opportunities to study, intern, volunteer, and work abroad.

Community OUTreach Educators 
CORE members educate others regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as raise awareness of the LGBT and allies community.

Military-Veteran Peer Mentors
Assist student veterans, service members, and military family members through deployment cycles and transitions, provide guidance on VA and DOD programs, educate the campus about veteran issues, and enhance veteran support and outreach programs.

Native American Student Programs Peer Mentoring Program
Help support a rich cultural environment in which Native American students can prosper.

Residence Life: Peer Review Board (PRB)
Make a difference by adjudicating housing conduct cases and educating residents about personal responsibility and ethical decision-making.

Sexual Assault & Violence Educators (SAVE)
Train student groups on the topic of Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE), and teach them how to build skills for healthy relationships. Organized through CARE.

Student Disability Union Advocates
Raise awareness and educate the community about students and services for students with disabilities.

TRiO Scholars
Mentor first generation students through academic, social, personal, and career advising and support.